HydraFacial express - £95

(Per Session)
£ 95
  • An express 30 minute version of the HydraFacial for those who want a quick fix, the treatment takes the core four stages of HydraFacial; deep cleanse & exfoliation, light glycolic peel, extractions and hydration infusion performed on the face. Leaving your skin deep cleaned and hydrated.

Skin Health for Life - £135

(Per Session)
£ 135
  • This 6 in 1 facial is suitable for all skin types and includes; lymphatic drainage, deep cleanse & exfoliation, light glycolic peel, extractions, antioxidant & hydration infusion, LED light therapy performed on the face, delivered within 1 hour.

Hydra - Bacial (Back Treatment) - £150

(Per Session)
£ 150
  • This deep cleaning, multi step back treatment is machine based and includes; deep cleanse and exfoliation, glycolic peel, extraction, hydration infusion and LED light therapy.

Hydra-Planing - £165

(Per Session)
£ 165
  • The ultimate 7 step treatment to remove fluffy 'peach fuzz' from skin and ensure even deeper penetration of key ingredients from the HydraFacial. Includes; Lymphatic drainage, dermaplaning, deep cleanse & exfoliation, light glycolic peel, extractions, antioxidant & hydration infusion, LED light therapy, performed on face and neck, delivered within 1 hour 30.

Signature Hydrafacial - £175

(Per Session)
£ 175
  • The ultimate tailored 7 step treatment, after a full consultation and skin assessment your Aesthetician will deliver your HydraFacial with the added benefit of having a booster, specific to your skin needs and concerns infused in. Includes; Lymphatic drainage, deep cleanse & exfoliation, light glycolic peel, extractions, skin specific booster, antioxidant & hydration infusion & LED light therapy. Delivered within 1 hour 15 mins.

Hydra-Needling - £250

(Per Session)
£ 250
  • Ready to supercharge your HydraFacial results? Well now's your chance with microneedling, all performed in 1 session with minimal to no downtime. We do your HydraFacial steps including a skin specific booster up to the Hydration & Antioxidant stage, then get out the microneedling device and a choice of 7 condition specific skin solutions. Your Aesthetician will then use a combination of serums to target your main concerns on each area of the face and infuse these in using a 0.25mm depth. Enough to stimulate the skin but with minimal discomfort or downtime.

HydraFacial add on treatments

Please see below for Hydrafacial add on treatments
  • Hydrafacial decolletage treatment - £30
  • Hydrafacial hand treatment - £25
  • Dermaplaning add on - £35
  • Hydrafacial neck treatment - £25
  • Skin specific booster serum - £40
  • Perk Eye add on - £40
  • Perk Lip add on - £40