(Per Session)
£ 20
  • We offer a consultation to discuss your skin concerns and determine whether Innopen is right for you. A small £20 booking fee is required to secure your appointment, however this is fully refundable from any treatment or product purchases.

Single session - £220

(Per Session)
£ 220
  • Great for those wanting to give their skin a regenerating boost

Course of 3 - £600

£ 600
  • Includes a free HydraFacial, the best solution for acne scars, body scars, wrinkles & skin laxity

Microneedling add on to another treatment - £120

£ 120
  • Designed to supercharge your results, microneedling can be added onto any Mesopeel, HydraFacial or HydraTite treatment. Your Aesthetician will use a combination of skin specigic serums to target your main concerns on each area of the face and infuse these in using a 0.25mm depth. Enough to stimulate the skin but with minimal discomfort or downtime.