Depigmentation Peel Consultation- £20

£ 20
  • A consultation prior to treatment is mandatory to fully assess your skin and determine suitability for the treatment. We charge a small fee to hold your appointment, however this is fully refundable from the Depigmentation peel cost following the consultation.

Depigmentation Peel - £80

£ 80
  • Get one Depigmentation treatment to brighten skin with minimal discomfort or downtime. Treatment time is 45 mins + 30 minutes for consultation if this is your first treatment.

Course of 6 De-pigmenation peels with De-pigmentation homecare kit - £520

£ 520
  • To obtain optimum and long term results, pigment specific skincare is recommended at home to prevent adverse reactions and give your skin the best chance at achieving long term results. Use the green button above for interest free payment plan options.