We believe in only offering our clients products that we have tried and tested ourselves and believe in. Zoe used to coat her skin in make up but now embraces her Authentic self, because she has healthy, glowing skin.

We chose Medik8 to be one of our product ranges due it being an ethical brand and a cost effective for clients looking for the best skincare to maintain good skin health.

Medik8 products are:

  • Vegan - never tested on animals
  • Microbead free - for clean oceans
  • Saving forests - recyclable packaging
  • Pre loved glass - 40% of serum bottles made from recycled glass
  • Green chemistry - buildings run on 100% renewable energy

We offer a consultation where we will discuss the products in the range and recommend the best treatment plan for your skin with no obligation. If you decide that Medik8 is right for you, we will book check-up appointments free of charge to manage your progress. A small £10 booking fee is required for your first appointment, however this is fully refundable from any skincare purchases.

You must be willing to invest in your skin health to reach your goals, with our guidance and support you will be well on your way to the best skin of your life.

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Medik8 Costs

Medik8 cost

Prices vary depending on your specific skin needs. We offer a 45 minute skin assessment and consultation. A small £10 booking fee is required for your first appointment, however this is fully refundable from any skincare purchases. If you decide that Medik8 skincare is right for you, we will book check-up appointments, all free of charge, to manage your progress.

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Medik8 FAQ

All Medik8 are produced in the manufacturers facilities in the UK. They take best practice from the medical and pharmaceutical industries and apply it to Medik8's manufacturing processes.

There are so many skin care brands to choose from. But they either seem to offer you a nice pampering experience with no results, or a promise of results but with underwhelming packaging, textures and fragrances. 

You traditionally have to choose between 'clean' skincare and results. If you want to avoid all the chemicals that people are concerned with, then you have to go ultra-natural and forego the results we know you want. Medik8 brings results and experience together without breaking the bank.

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Before and after using cosmeceutical skincare

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